9, Academician Semenov Ave., Chernogolovka, Moscov region, 142432, Russia

Custom-made sapphire products

Rostox-N Ltd manufactures products made of artificial sapphire according to the customer's drawings, using 3 methods of crystallization from the melt: Stepanov (EFG), Kiropoulos and Chokhralsky. Here you can buy synthetic sapphire, qualitatively processed with modern equipment and passed specialized technical control.

Products made of synthetic monocrystalline sapphire at manufacturer's prices in the assortment

Through our catalog you can order:

  • Sapphire polished workpieces
  • Sapphire windows and optical components
  • Sapphire rods
  • Sapphire tubes
  • Sapphire cases for thermocouples
  • Sapphire watch glasses
  • Sapphire bearings and more.

The range of items is regularly updated to meet the needs of our customers interested in high-quality products made of monocrystalline corundum as much as possible.

Where to buy artificial sapphire in Moscow and other Russian cities?

You can buy an artificial sapphire stone and high-quality products from it by leaving a request on our website or by phone.