9, Academician Semenov Ave., Chernogolovka, Moscov region, 142432, Russia


Catalog of sapphire products

CJSC Rostoks-N provides services for the supply of equipment for growing sapphire single crystals, and also produces products from leucosapphire, ceramics, quartz glass, and silicon carbide. The catalog on the company's official website contains product samples with a description of general technical characteristics. You can order a product in one click by filling out a form indicating the required data.

Manufacturing of ceramic products to order

Our products have been in demand on the international market since 1993. We offer our customers:

  • equipment for growing single crystals of synthetic sapphire using the Stepanov, Czochralski, and Kyropoulos methods;
  • production of optical parts for various devices: lenses, windows, prisms, hemispheres, tubes, watch glasses and much more;
  • production of products from quartz, ceramics, silicon carbide.
  • Finished products of standard sizes can be purchased inexpensively and received in the shortest possible time. We will produce non-standard parts of any configuration according to the customer’s drawings within the time specified by the contract. We guarantee high quality of all types of products.

You can order equipment for growing sapphires in Moscow with delivery. To place an order, contact the manager of Rostoks-N JSC by phone +7 (496) 527-35-91, +7 (496) 527-35-95, +7 (496) 527-35-96 or by sending an email to email rostox-n@yandex.ruinfo@rostox-n.ru.