Sapphire tubes

 "as grown", fine ground and polished

Inside Diametr 0,7 - 100 mm, Wall thickness 0.3-50 mm, Length up to 750 mm


leucosapphire tubes tubes for vacuum technics
 большие сапфировые трубы  As grown sapphire tubes length up to 600 mm
 Труба из лейкосапфира длиной 80 см  Sapphire 80 sm tube

 сапфировая труба с резьбой  sapphire tube for heating element
   Polished sapphire tube 

   Polished sapphire tubes

   Sapphire multichannel tubes (covers for thermocouples)
 sapphire plasma application tubes  Sapphire tubes for plasma application  (OD 25,4 mm)

 big leucosapphire tube  Sapphire tube: OD130xID80x70 mm

 sapphire vials  sapphire graduated tubes (vials)
 sapphire tubes for oil cracking  tubes for oil cracking

 sapphire tubes for high pressure test  sapphire tubes for high pressure tests OD65xID18x200mm

 сапфировые тигли  one-end closed tubes (crucibles)
 sapphire tubes for laser applications  sapphire tubes for laser application

 as grown sapphire tubes  As grown sapphire tubes of different diameters

   sapphire 5 holes tube

 fine grid sapphire tubes  fine grid tubes
 sapphire tubes for gas and oil test  sapphire tubes for high pressure gas and oil tests 

   Sapphire tube L320 mm

   tubes for flesh and high - intensity lamps
 2 chanel quantron for laser  2-chanel quantron
  insulator for microwave resonator  insulators for microwave resonators



 leucosapphire tubes for vacuum furnace  leucosapphire tubes OD36xID30x600 mm for vacuum furnace
 tubes for high intensity lamps  tubes for high intensity lamps
thick walled sapphire pipes thick-walled sapphire pipes
fine grinded sapphire pipes fine grid tubes


Synthetic sapphire tubes and one-end-closed tubes are used as a superior alternative to quartz, alumina and silicon carbide in semiconductor processing applications:

·  Plasma containment tubes

·  Process gas injectors

·  Thermocouple protection assemblies

Sapphire tubes are used in various test and analytical instruments:

·  Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

    Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

·  Fiber-optic temperature measurement

·  Inline petroleum processing analysis

·  Mass spectroscopy

·  Biological and chemical sample analysis

Crystal sapphire tubes are used in lamp applications that transmit visible, infrared or ultraviolet light, often with high intensity at high temperatures and pressures:

·  Infrared countermeasures

·  Ultraviolet sterilization

·  Flashlamps

·  High intensity lamps