Sapphire rods

As grown, grinded and polished rods

Diametr 0.5-15.0 mm, Length up to 600 mm 

as grown round rods as grown monocrystall sapphire rods
as grown rectangular rods as grown monocrystalline sapphire rectangular rods
polished sapphire rods for optical application polished and fine grid monocrystall sapphire rods
sapphire plungers for pumps momocrystall synthetic sapphire rods and plungers
polished sapphire rods 1/8 inch monocrystall sinthetic sapphire polished rods
 polished, fine ground and as grown sapphire rods  as grown, fine gound, polished monocrystall sapphire rods
 chromotographic sapphire plungers

 sapphire pungers for chromotography

synthetic sapphire pistons

sapphire plungers for Sequencing synthetic sapphire monocrystall rods for plungers
Sapphire plungers sapphire plungers
Sapphire cylindrical bearings sapphire cylinder bearings
sapphire light guides for lasers monocrystall sapphire light guides for laser